If damage has occurred to insured property this must be reported as soon as possible after the damage has occurred. This is done by filling out a damage report on this website.
It should be pointed out that the insured party can forfeit his right to compensation due to indifference if he does not notify the insurance company of his claim within one year from the time when he became aware of the event which gave rise to the claim.

Once the damage report has been received, an assessment takes place with regard to whether it meets the conditions for damage evaluation and if it does, the case is passed on to an assessor for inspection. If the assessment reveals that the notification does not meet the conditions for damage evaluation, the owner of the property is notified and given the opportunity to present further information.


Cat Response Plan

The Cat Response Plan was published in May 2014. One of its purposes is to provide reinsurers with information, such as first loss estimation, through a quick response risk model (introduced in 2011). More


The Natural Catastrophe Insurance of Iceland insures against direct damage resulting from the following natural disasters:
Volcanic eruptions

All buildings and liquid assets which are fire insured with an insurance company that has an operating license in Iceland.
It is furthermore obligatory to insure the following facilities irrespective of whether they are fire insured or not:
Heating utilities, water utilities, sewage utilities, harbour facilities, electrical installations and telephone and telecommunications facilities owned by municipalities or the State Treasury.
Ski lifts and Bridges that are 50m or longer.

When damage has occurred due to natural disasters, the insured party shall immediately report it to the Organisation.
This is done by filling out the form which can be accessed with the orange button at the top of this page.

After the damage report is received it is assessed and, if appropriate, sent to an independent assessor who arranges a meeting with the owner for a damage evaluation. The assessor presents an evaluation report to the Natural Catastrophe Insurance of Iceland, which will inform the owner of its contents in writing. The owner is given an opportunity to present points and comments, if any, before the final settlement takes place.

The public can obtain information regarding whether a property is registered with the Natural Catastrophe Insurance of Iceland and whether damage has been evaluated.

Parties to administrative proceedings are entitled to all documents of the case other than working papers and other parties who have a legally protected interest are entitled to the same documents without financial and/or personal information.

Requests for documents shall be submitted in writing using the e-mail address