If damage has occurred to insured property this must be reported as soon as possible after the damage has occurred. This is done by filling out a damage report on this website.
It should be pointed out that the insured party can forfeit his right to compensation due to indifference if he does not notify the insurance company of his claim within one year from the time when he became aware of the event which gave rise to the claim.

Once the damage report has been received, an assessment takes place with regard to whether it meets the conditions for damage evaluation and if it does, the case is passed on to an assessor for inspection. If the assessment reveals that the notification does not meet the conditions for damage evaluation, the owner of the property is notified and given the opportunity to present further information.

After the damage report has been registered in our system, the status of the case can be tracked on “Mínar síður” (My pages).

Before damage evaluation takes place, the registered owners of the property (or a contact person with regard to the damage, if such a person is listed) are contacted and a damage inspection is booked. The owner of the property or his representative has always the right to be present during inspection. When the assessors of Natural Catastrophe Insurance of Iceland (NTI) arrive at the site they shall bear markings that indicate they are representatives on behalf of NTI. Granting outside parties access to your property should be avoided if they cannot prove their identity by presenting employee certificates that confirm that their work is conducted for NTI.

After the damage evaluation has taken place, the assessor writes an evaluation report and sends it to the NTI. When the NTI has received the evaluation report, it is then sent to the owners of the property so they can familiarise themselves with it. If the owners disapprove of the content and findings of the evaluation report, they have an opportunity to present their views before a decision is reached regarding liability and, if applicable, the determined amount of damages.